Whether you’ve agreed to have a professional builder to work for you part-time or full-time, it is important for you to enter into a written contract with them. Some people might not find this necessary, but having a written contract will make it worth your while by protecting you from loss. You may trust your builder contacts, but some people are not as honest as they seem.

It may be that your builder may agree on something orally but then completely turn their backs on you later. Some builders may leave you mid-way through the process with a poor quality of work done. Some builders may even demand a higher price for the little work they’ve done! A written construction contract will save you from all this stress.

Essex Builders realises the importance of contracts. You should too!

Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Contract


It is advised to not always trust your oral agreement. This is because you may not have expertise in building and the materials required. Your builders may dupe and trick you as to how expensive their work can be and demand a higher price later on.

There are many ways a written contract could be initiated. On paper or by emails and text messages. If you’ve received or sent an agreement as to the costs and terms via texts or emails, at least you will have proof.

Things To Include In A Written Contract


• The Work To Be Done

Make sure you are specific about the work to be done. Whether you want a wall to be broken down or you want a new wall built up, etc. Always ask your builder how much time and material it would take. When you have done stating your terms and the builder agrees, put it in writing.

• Any Divided Responsibilities

Make sure you agree with your builder on what work you would do by yourself (such as moving the appliances) and what work would be done by him.

Sometimes a builder may ask you to provide him with certain materials on your own, in case they fall short of it. Or whether the builders should have access to the certain rooms in your house. Always make sure you discuss this with your builder and put it in writing in case the builder breaches the terms. You can have solid proof then. This way, the builder will know what is expected by his customer.

• Costs And Payment

A very important stage of the contract is

to agree on the costs. Always ask your builder to provide you with a quote. Enquire about which work costs how much. It is always good to know the details. If any additional material were to be required, later on, you can add that to the quote/costs as well.

Moreover, ask your builder when he expects the payment. Agree on a solid date and add that to your contract, in case your builder tries to obtain money from you early on.

Sometimes, there may be defects which the builder would’ve backed up by insurance claims. Make sure you inquire about which work will be guaranteed. Essex Builders understand the importance of a contract, and we offer the best quality building service in the area. Contact us today for further information.