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We are Essex Bricklayers and we specialise in building constructions for our clients. As part of our dedication to new and existing customers, we always strive to select the best-qualified tradesmen to ensure high quality. Quality is of the essence, and we strive always to achieve the best quality that guarantees the safety of our clients and protect our reputation as a company with a passion for excellence.

Essex bricklayers are significant in our crew as we always need builders and bricklayers to handles tasks that involve bricklaying in all our building construction projects. Based on our activities, we always require the services of bricklayers that have the latest CSCS cards. Essex Bricklayers that have the CSCS certification have the necessary knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly and according to the specification without stress or hassles.

We are experienced Essex Builders with skilled bricklayers on our crew. We aim to satisfy our clients by delivering perfectly finished jobs. Hiring inexperienced bricklayers is the recipe for poor bricklaying work which will fail an integrity test with unpleasant consequences at a later date. However, bricklayers that have the CSCS cards have broad experience working on the roofing, bricklaying, driveway paving, ground working, extension building, loft conversion, home renovation and much more.

The experience required for each type of work is different from another, and this determines the quality that can be expected. As a result, having experienced bricklayers that have the latest CSCS cards offers assurance of quality, professionalism, relevance and much more.

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What is a CSCS Card?

The CSCS stands for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a certification that is given by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) to individuals who pass the examination set to test their knowledge and skills to design and implement safe and effective strength and conditioning programs. CSCS is one of the leading skills certification schemes in the UK construction industry.

A CSCS card is a proof certifying that an individual construction worker has the required training and qualifications to the type of work they carry out. The CSCS card contains all the abilities, skills and work-related experiences of an individual and also shows the individual’s qualification and site assessment results.

Why We Hire Bricklayers that Have the Latest CSCS Cards

The construction industry is unarguably one of the most dangerous fields to work in; so, we cannot be too careful to choose only the most qualified tradesmen who have been certified to possess the qualifications necessary to ensure best quality job and safety. Here are some of the reasons we emphasize having the latest CSCS card as a basis for hiring bricklayers:

1. The card serves as a validation of the suitability of the bricklayers’ qualification, abilities, skills, expertise and carefulness.

2. The card proves that the individual has the basic qualifications in health and safety.

3. It helps to minimise risks by hiring only qualified tradesmen who are skilled and have in-depth knowledge of the work required.

4. We want to prevent having accidents and fatalities on site, and we can know an individual’s level of carefulness and attention to safety health through a CSCS card.

5. It confirms the competency of an individual before we allow them to access the site.

6. We want our clients to have confidence in the quality of our workmanship and attention to health and safety.

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As Essex Builders, we place a high priority on our clients’ satisfaction and safety. We do not only build houses and carry out other construction sites for our clients, but we also build a lasting relationship with them. As a result, we ensure that we employ only qualified and certified builders and bricklayers to work on our clients’ properties – because you are precious to us.

In addition, we also hire the best time served builders to work with us on clients’ projects. They will not be the main builders but supporting having served their apprenticeship terms. There are several capable and highly experienced time-served builders out there whose quality is superb, and attention to detail is extraordinary.

If you are still contemplating about hiring us for your next project, here are some of the reasons for you to clear your doubts and give us a call today.

1. Professionalism

We are a company based on values and exceptional service delivery. And to achieve this, we put together a team of qualified, skilled, and certified tradesmen, and professional standard or procedures in handling all building constructions, home extensions, loft conversions, home renovations and much more to give our clients work that meets all standards and codes and guarantee their comfort and safety.

2. High Quality

We rank high quality above all things whenever we are working on our clients’ projects. That is why we employ only skilled and qualified Essex bricklayers who have the latest CSCS cards, the best time served builders, and other tradesmen who have the required skills for clients’ projects. We always comply with the best practice in the industry and follow all building standards and codes. Consequently, all the projects we handle pass structural integrity tests.

3. Affordable Prices

Despite being a professional Essex builder, we offer reasonable and affordable prices that are the most competitive in the industry. However, we have a flexible pricing system that ensures that our clients are not overbilled. Among all builders in Essex, we offer attractive prices.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride in excellent service delivery that keeps our clients happy and satisfied. We pay attention to details and produce the exact structures according to the drawings. We have learnt to wow our clients with the high-quality services, in agreement with our fundamentals.

5. No Hidden Charges

We are a transparent company, and we make our clients know the exact cost of their projects. There is no hidden charges during and after the completion of the project. You pay only the price you see in the contract.

6. Superior Materials

The impact of using high-quality materials for all construction projects cannot be underestimated, that is why we use the best materials to ensure the highest quality possible and standard work that guarantees durability.

7. Timely Completion of Projects

We ensure that all projects are completed within schedule and on budget to ensure that there is no disruption to your plans and your home.

Contact us at Essex Builders for all your projects. We have the best of Essex builders and Essex bricklayers for quality, durability, and exceptional work that meets all standards and codes, and satisfy your specific needs. Join our inexhaustible list of happy clients all over Essex and beyond.

We look forward to working with you and helping to make your dreams come through.