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Home Extensions Essex Specialists

Essex builder specialises in home extensions throughout Essex. We draw on a highly skilled team of carefully selected in-house subcontractors and tradespeople. Our topmost priority to provide you with the home extensions that meet your needs and blend perfectly with your existing building without defacing it or causing a misfit.

With the cutting-edge technology in place, our expert team pride ourselves on our efficient work, making sure that your custom addition is completed and delivered on time and within budget without causing you any hassles.

Making use of only high-quality materials and the best craftsmanship, we guarantee superior work that meets all building codes and standards for our clients’ peace of mind. The final work we deliver always make our clients happy that they undertook the home extensions project.  

Throughout the build, we will protect your home from water damages and other types of damage that the home extensions may expose your home to. In addition, we will ensure that all forms of debris are taken care of by equipping our crew with a complete cleaning kit including canvas drop sheet to avoid any damages to your property during works.

We assure you to repair anything that gets damaged during the building process. So, you do not have to look elsewhere for your home extensions in Essex. We are a specialist home extensions builder that care for you and your home.

Contact us for hassle-free building experience and have your custom home extensions constructed according to details for your maximum benefits.

Home Extension in Essex

Are you running out of space in your home? You are open to two realistic options. You can either move to a bigger house or extend your current home. Based on our experience over the years, a home extension is the best option going by several factors ranging from cost to inconveniences and legal requirements.

Essex home extensions are an ideal way to enhance your living space and increase the value of your property. However, living professional Essex builders for your Essex home extensions is highly beneficial, and you would benefit from it in several ways.

Choosing a cheap and unverified contractor creates a high chance of having problems with your home extensions some months later. At Essex Builders, we have the experience and expertise needed to extend your home by taking the project from the beginning to its completion in a seamless manner.

Essex home extensions aim at meeting your need for more space in your home.  We at Essex Builders have the necessary tools and experience to produce a perfect job. We will help you to stay in the same home with larger space according to your need.

Hire Essex Builders for your Essex home extensions and experience the best service possible. We will consult with you to come with an attractive design for the project based on your need and the design of the existing home. We can add fresh ideas into your design and bring about an amazing solution to your space need.     

To make your dream of Essex home extensions a reality, hiring Essex Builders is the way to go. We are familiar with Essex’s building standards and codes, and we will help you obtain the right permits and carry not the project according to building codes in Essex. We will get everything done correctly and according to the correct specifications.

Essex home extensions require that you hire a contractor that would deliver a professional looking job. We are experienced and have the tools necessary to make your home extension successful and blend perfectly with the current design of the home.

Choosing Essex Builders for your home extension, you stand the chance of benefitting from the immense solutions that will transform your home and provide an excellent experience.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Essex Builders for Your Home Extension Project

Save Money on Money

Moving to a new home usually involves a lot of cost and expenses and is more expensive than Essex home extensions.

Increased Space

Essex home extensions guarantee an increase in or additional useful space in your home without the trouble and huge expenses involved in moving. The extra space is a great way to meet your growing family needs, accommodate guests or arrange your belongings and keep everywhere well-arranged.

Increase the Property's Value

Constructing a high-quality extension is a great way to increase the market value of your house whether you want to rent or sell the current property.

Contact Essex Builders today for high-quality Essex home extensions that will enhance your experience, meets your space needs, and improve the value of your property.