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Hiring a professional builder is crucial to the quality and structural integrity of the building or project you receive. The role of professionalism cannot be underestimated as it entails the A to Z that is inputted into your project. If the builder is experienced and skilled, then you can expect a topnotch work that will blow your mind. And if the builder you hired is a quack, the best you can hope for is a substandard work that requires demolition, or you live with it.

We are Essex Builders and we are a professional builder with over 20 years’ experience. When you hire us for your building or other construction projects, here are just a few of what you should expect.

Incredible Home Designs

You have put a lot of efforts into getting an impressive design for your house or project; hiring an inexperienced builder would ruin everything by giving you something that is different from your design. 

We are experienced Essex Builders; so, accommodating your high-tech design into the project is not going to be any problem at all as we pay attention to details to give you exactly what you have in your design. Hire Essex Builders; we will make your designs possible, irrespective of complexity.

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More Durable and Stronger Work

Our work speaks for itself! We always assure our customers of durability and strength. We have a reputation for excellence and as a professional. And we have experience in building a wide variety of homes.


As certified, experienced and licensed builders Essex, we communicate clearly with our clients and inform them all that is necessary about their projects from the start to completion. And our clients inform us of their expectations, which we factor in to the project. As a result, they can rest assured that their projects are going on according to plan.


As Essex Builders, we have several connections to suppliers and partners. As a result, you would be eligible for various discounts based on the size of your project. In addition, our charges are affordable to allow you to save some money.

Hiring a professional builder is the best thing you can do to yourself. Call builders Essex today for your next project, and we assure you of high-quality work that will be functionally and aesthetically amazing. We guarantee an enhanced experienced when you hire us for your project.

Conservatory in Essex