It is essential that enter into written contracts with a builder Essex before the contractor starts working on your site. This is necessary for everyone to understand precisely what has been agreed to. All the terms that both of you consented to should be clearly stated and signed and dated by the two parties. This is very important irrespective of the complexity and size of the project as long as you have agreed to make payments and the cost of work is significant.

Written contracts will contain the following information to ensure that everyone is clear about the project and the terms.

1. Description of the Project

This information should be specific about the work that the builder is required to do to avoid dispute at a later date. If the project is home extensions, state if the work includes painting the interior of the extension. Also, write how long the builder Essex is likely to complete each aspect of the work.

2. The Cost of the Project

Note that you should agree the cost of the work alongside the description of the project to prevent a dispute about how much is being paid. You will also have something to refer to should there be any changes that need to be made in the future.

3. Payment Terms

You must agree how much will be paid and when the payment is due. Discuss if you would be paying for materials upfront or the cost of materials have been included in the price of the project. Also, it should be stated in the contract if the builder requires you to pay a deposit. Besides, you should discuss if you would have to pay for additional items such as a skip wire, scaffolding or other items. How the final bill will be paid and when. Are staged payments allowed?

4. The Builder’s and Your Responsibilities

The builder’s responsibilities from A – Z should be clearly stated alongside your responsibilities. Let it be stated in the contract if the builder will be responsible for clearing up of the space as soon as the project is completed.

5. Alterations or Additional Work and Defects

You must discuss and state how any alterations to the original project or additional work in the course of the project will be handled. Also, how defects will be handled if they come up in the project should be clearly stated in the contract.

It is only with a written contract that everything can go smoothly between you and the builder without any hassle, arguments or disagreement. As a result, ensure to get written contracts from builder Essex. However, we, Essex Builders, always give our clients written contracts for all project no matter how small the project seems.