Home Renovations in Essex

We as Essex builders specialise in building home extensions for our clients in Essex and beyond. As part of our expertise, we cater to the needs and demands of our clients to open up specific areas of their houses to create more useable space to meet their specific needs. We leave no stone unturned but comply with the required standards and codes in addition to the best practices in the industry to make the dreams of our clients for more space possible.

The home extension is a home improvement project that involves a lot of processes. Since the space in a home has to be expanded because the homeowner needs more useable or liveable space, the builder is tasked with the duty of examining the entire structure to determine the best ways to approach the extension project without compromising the integrity of the home.

Given that home extension will increase the value of a home in addition to providing more space, the onus is on the builder to find the best approach to carry out the extension in order to prevent any adverse outcomes. The builder has to make sure that the project will be safe, cost-efficient and meet the needs of the homeowner.

As the homeowner, you have to ensure that you hire an experienced contractor, the Essex builder, who is familiar with all types of extension projects and will be able to approach the project from a safety perspective. And yet, help you save cost while you expect to enjoy a bigger home after the completion of the project.

The first step necessary for an efficient home extension project is an assessment. The Essex builder has to take a general survey and consider the existing building plan alongside the requested extensions, and decide how the project will be done to create an adjoining structure that makes a complete whole seamlessly.

Building a home extension has several processes to ensure the best results in the long run. Having assessed the extension plans to be in accordance with the existing home structure without compromising its integrity, the building processes must follow an order. And the good thing is that the processes outlined here apply to all forms of home extensions, although there may be exceptions to the order.

Assuming that the extension plans and necessary planning permissions have been obtained, here are the processes of building a home extension by your contractor:

1. Site Preparation

Essex builders prepare the site for the commencement of the project by carrying out the following tasks:

a. Create access to your home and the home extension site

b. Create a barrier between the liveable spaces and the project site to reduce disruptions to your home

c. Provide for toilet facilities (if your existing toilet will be affected), scaffolding and access equipment

d. Briefing the homeowners and inhabitants with regard to health and safety during the construction process

e. Risk assessment for all site workers and explaining health and safety measures

2. Demolition, Drainage and Groundworks

a. Protect all amenities to your home, i.e., damp proofing, protection from water damage, etc.

b. Demolish necessary walls to incorporate the extension

c. Excavate and make ready the foundation or footings for the new build

d. Create gullies and install soakaway to control the surface water at the property

3. Structure Building, Roofing and External Finish

a. Construct the building’s walls and roof

b. Measure, install windows and bi folding door systems where necessary (duration for constructing these systems is four to six weeks.)

c. Fit all drainpipes and connection to the drainage system

4. Interior Repairs and Remodelling

a. Remove all unneeded interior fixtures and fittings

b. Reconfigure and restructure the internal space by removing and erecting walls where required

c. Install load-bearing walls

d. Set up a makeshift wash and cooking facilities if the kitchen is affected

5. Services, Internal Fittings and Finishes

a. Install electrical and plumbing amenities to the newly built extension

b. Install flooring, carpentry, kitchen and other appliances

c. Interior and exterior painting

d. Decorate the entire newly built home extension space

e. Remove all the site equipment and groundworks installed in the beginning

f. Clean the site thoroughly and finally hand over the project

6. Post-Construction Visit

Essex builders schedule a return visit to the project about three months after the completion of the project to take care of any snagging issues.

With the completion of your home extensions’ project by Essex builders, it is time for you to sit back and enjoy your home. However, you are advised to keep an eye on the extended areas and report any unpleasant signs to your builder immediately.

But if you hired Essex builders for your home extension project, you can rest assured that there will not be any unpleasant experience. All you need to do is enjoy your new enhanced liveable space.