Are you searching for a reputable builder for your building construction project in Essex? Do you want high-quality work within your budget? You are in the right place; do not look elsewhere. We are Essex Builders servicing the entire Essex area and surrounding areas.

Building construction projects are the long-term structure that is expected to deliver their intended functional purposes and last for a long time. However, the type of builders you choose will determine your experience and how long the structure will last.

Do not worry; we are reputable Essex Builders committed to making your dreams come to pass. We are an experienced company with over 15 years in the industry. We have worked with several families and homeowners in Essex and beyond satisfactorily, and our list of happy customers keeps growing every day due to the quality of work that is matchless and unsurpassed. At Essex Builders, we are poised to deliver top-notched highest quality and durable work to our customers’ satisfaction and happiness.  

Conservatories in Essex

We employ the best methods and techniques possible to complete each project and guarantee the highest quality possible. We have comprehensive knowledge and experience meeting all building standards and codes to ensure the safety of homeowners we work for. We do not ignore safety and quality, and that is why we are in the forefront of the competition in Essex and beyond.

At Essex Builders, we offer high-quality Essex loft conversions, Essex home extensions, plastering rendering, electrical work and much more. From start to finish, we maintain the best quality control measure to ensure compliance with the best quality all the way to the end of the project. Until now, the loft conversions and home extension projects we constructed are still in excellent conditions – that shows the quality of our work.

We have a transparent pricing policy that is not complicated as to confuse customers or lure them to encounter hidden charges later. No! We explain everything to customers in plain language, and our quoted price is what our customer get to pay, no hidden charges.

For over 15 years, we have handled different types, sizes, and styles of projects and did a great job. Consequently, we have vast knowledge and experience working on any kind of project be it modern, classic or traditional architectural designs. We have the latest and best techniques required to handle modern designs and building projects such as loft conversions, home extensions, conservatories and more.

Any project you need to be done in Essex, bring it on, we will build it, and you will be glad you hired Essex Builders. We pride in customers’ satisfaction, and we do not fail to meet and go above the expectations of our clients; their happiness comes first.

We have a reputation for excellence, and that is why we follow all the building standards and codes for each project in addition to our specialized and perfected methodology for best results possible. Essex Builders is synonymous with high-quality and excellence due to our detailed and circumspect procedures.

Few of our services are explained below. Do well to contact us about your project as soon as possible.  

Loft Conversions

It is not strange to need more space in the house for several reasons. The number of residents may have increased to growth in the family size, or there is a need for an extra room to meet specific family needs like a study room, teenager room, or guest room. It is possible to create extra useable or liveable room or space in your home by transforming your loft into useable room or space.

Loft Conversion in Essex

Essex Builders will help to open up your roof and build more rooms according to your need and the suitability of your roof. We specialize in building different types of loft conversions such as Dormer, Mansard, and Hip to Gable.


Home Extensions

We undertake all forms of home extension projects to help create more space for our clients. When the cost of moving to a more spacious is considered over time, it is more cost-efficient to undertake home extensions.

When you need more space in your home, we can help you extend your home from the main structure to building a conservatory on your property. Drawing from our experience and expertise, we will construct home extensions that will be a seamless extension of the main building, almost invisible.

While building an extension, we ensure that the main building’s foundation is not affected and the structural integrity of the home is not compromised.

Contact Essex Builders for high-quality loft conversions and home extensions that meet your space requirement needs. We have the best workmen and procedure and experience to make your project come out great and meet your expectations. We have responsive customer support; you contact us anytime 24/7, 365 days a year to respond swiftly to your enquiries and serve better.