Essex Builders is a top-of-the-line building construction company that specializes in loft conversions and home extensions. We are serving the entire Essex area and beyond with the best construction services available in the industry. When you hire us for your project, we guarantee the best experience. There are quite a lot of benefits of using Essex Builders and here are just a few of them.


In the construction industry, you cannot trade the experience for anything. It is like wine, and it gets better with the passing years. Essex Builders has been in the industry for over 15 years and has served hundreds of homeowners and families satisfactorily. Our experience is vast and cuts across different sizes, types, and models of the building. As a result, you will see the touch of our experience in your project as it will be unique, perfect and exquisite.


We are a registered building construction company, and our company is a legalized business entity to carry on construction, remodelling, repair and other projects as many relate to building construction in the United Kingdom. So, when you use Essex Builders, you are dealing with a legalized company and not some impostors and fake builders. You can request to view our certificate of incorporation, and we are willing to show you to clear any doubts.


Several homeowners have had themselves to blame by hiring cheap builders who do not have any insurance to cover labourers, the property or the homeowners. As a result, such homeowners had crumbled under the heavy weight of liabilities they had to face when an accident occurred on their property.  On the contrary, Essex Builders have the necessary insurance policies such as installer’s all-risk cover, employer’s liability insurance, and public liability insurance to prevent the homeowner from liabilities of any accidents happen during the building process.

High-Quality Workmanship  

Inexperienced and unskilled labour cannot provide a satisfactory work by any standard. At Essex Builders, we have highly qualified builders, technicians, and bricklayers who have the latest CSCS card. We source for workmen who are the best in their fields and who have the passion for excellence and share our vision of building a reputation for 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, you can expect high-quality work from us whenever you use Essex Builders regardless of the size of your project.

Attention to Details – Quality Work

Essex Builders is known for perfection and high-quality work. This is not just so; it resulted from in-depth knowledge of the industry and over 15 years’ on-the-job experience. We realize and know, ethically, that details define big projects. A big house is an accumulation of small details. As a result, we pay attention to small details to ensure that each project is a replicate of its design and meets the design and specifications intended.

Building Standards and Codes

Essex Builders always ensure to meet all building standards and codes. We follow due process to ensure that all projects we handle are structurally sound and are solid by all standards. We have functional internal quality control to evaluate and help maintain high quality always for the safety of our clients, the integrity of projects we handle and reputation of our business name. We value our reputation, and we will never do shoddy work for our clients.   

Relationship with Customers

As a reputable building constructions contractor in Essex, we do build not only loft conversion and home extensions but also build a cordial relationship with our clients. We see our clients as family and relatives whom we must ensure their safety all the way from start to finish of their construction projects. For this reason, our clients have trust in his and a strong belief in our services. Clients who we have worked for over 10-15 years still relate to us like family till today.

Transparent and Fair Pricing Policy  

At Essex Builders, we believe in transparency and being fair to our clients with regard to pricing. We are not the cheapest builders because we offer high-quality services and we do not cut corners to make extra money by using substandard materials. No! We do not do that! We give our customers’ good quotations for their projects, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. We complete our clients’ projects at only quoted prices and no extra or additional charges.

On-time Project Completion

We value our clients’ time, and it is our responsibility to complete all projects within the estimated time and according to the schedule given to clients. We follow the timeline designed for all projects to minimize the disruptions to the regular use of the building and enable the homeowner to take full ownership and use of the completed project. We finish all projects without delays.

Contact us today for all your building construction projects in Essex and surrounding areas. We assure you of a pleasant experience.